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US-75453-A: William p patent, US-759413-A: Process for the manufacture of combs from celluloid. patent, US-764750-A: Percolator. patent, US-770505-A: Adnah mcmuetbie patent, US-776006-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-776380-A: Method of producing quick electrical oscillations of different phases. patent, US-778657-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-779179-A: Automatic cradle. patent, US-78031-A: Improvement in subsoil-ploughs patent, US-782898-A: Automobile-gear. patent, US-783728-A: Necktie. patent, US-785780-A: Railway-switch. patent, US-786083-A: Rotary steam-engine. patent, US-788595-A: Starting means for explosive-engines. patent, US-789608-A: Automobile. patent, US-789734-A: Glow-lamp-socket holder. patent, US-794377-A: Weft-replenishing mechanism for looms. patent, US-795136-A: Game apparatus. patent, US-796136-A: Curtain-fixture. patent, US-799596-A: Rotary engine. patent, US-799679-A: Calendar-clock. patent, US-800124-A: Machine for applying the ends to sheet-metal bodies. patent, US-803261-A: Seat-hinge. patent, US-80424-A: Charles e patent, US-807395-A: Cultivator. patent, US-812608-A: Process of making a formic-aldehyde compound. patent, US-813292-A: Press-operating device. patent, US-814929-A: Automatic checking device for elevators. patent, US-815939-A: Shuttle-box. patent, US-816570-A: Tool for straightening bolts and retracing the threads thereon. patent, US-818704-A: Shoe-form. patent, US-819007-A: Chain-link schackle. patent, US-819135-A: Music-sheet indicator. patent, US-8195830-B2: Efficient file transfer on web service-enabled image forming device patent, US-820587-A: Phosphorous compound and method of making same. patent, US-827496-A: Starting device for motors. patent, US-829811-A: Cord-wood saw-cradle. patent, US-830377-A: Apparatus for cleaning erasers. patent, US-830826-A: Head-rest. patent, US-831162-A: Wrench. patent, US-832466-A: Production of ferrocyanids from gas. patent, US-8332-A: Double-oven stove patent, US-834159-A: Cooking-oven. patent, US-836544-A: Colter and stubble-turner. patent, US-836835-A: Sight for firearms. patent, US-839617-A: Cooler for explosive-engines. patent, US-840377-A: Filling-detecting mechanism for looms. patent, US-841745-A: Combination hay-rack and wagon-body. patent, US-847949-A: Windmill. patent, US-848146-A: End-gate. patent, US-850179-A: Lock and latch. patent, US-851858-A: Water-tube marine boiler. patent, US-853959-A: Lunar calendar. patent, US-854448-A: Composition of matter for polishing. patent, US-861889-A: Valve-motion for explosive-engines. patent, US-863307-A: Drawing-board. patent, US-6816265-B1: Passive tilt correction on two axes patent, US-6820113-B2: Methods and apparatus for transmitting prioritized electronic mail messages patent, US-7480104-B2: Lens device patent, US-7605294-B2: Process for the preparation of substituted fluorenes patent, US-7830129-B2: Control circuit, voltage regulator and related control method patent, US-8233141-B2: Shutter pixel, shutter structure including the shutter pixel, and exposure apparatus including the shutter structure patent, US-8260078-B2: System and method for adaptively sharpening digital images patent, US-8436517-B2: Light bulb patent, US-8457987-B2: Satori integrated health and financial benefits system and method patent, US-8580908-B2: Method and chemical composition for reclaiming of cured elastomer materials patent, US-7100739-B2: Step stool, hinge and method patent, US-7307501-B2: Permanent magnet package, method for manufacturing same, and method for transporting permanent magnet patent, US-7411602-B2: System, method, and program for alternating sheets of media patent, US-7664691-B2: Method and apparatus for facilitating financial monitoring by guardians patent, US-7685078-B2: Method and appartus for using B measures to learn balanced relevance functions from expert and user judgments patent, US-7699437-B2: Array inkjet head and inkjet image-forming apparatus having the same patent, US-7902866-B1: Wires on demand: run-time communication synthesis for reconfigurable computing patent, US-7978701-B2: Virtual ethernet MAC switching patent, US-8035740-B2: Image processing apparatus and method patent, US-8058483-B2: Composition of matter containing harmonized hydroxyl modified fullerene substance patent, US-8155505-B2: Hybrid playlist patent, US-8188951-B2: Chip on glass type display device patent, US-8235193-B2: Annularly mounted multiple friction member synchronizing and engaging clutch patent, US-8236447-B2: Electrode active material for non-aqueous secondary batteries patent, US-8256969-B2: Optical connector stop ring, optical fiber cord with optical connector using the same and method for manufacturing optical fiber cord with optical connector patent, US-8332330-B2: System and method for providing real estate referrals patent, US-8360937-B2: Elevated adventure course with fall arrest system patent, US-8635143-B1: Method for determining penetration opportunity of a drug into a physician market patent, US-6806763-B2: Programmable reference voltage generating circuit patent, US-6827438-B1: Combination device for attaching auxiliary spectacles to main spectacles patent, US-6833716-B1: Electro-optical analysis of integrated circuits patent, US-6850322-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling wafer thickness uniformity in a multi-zone vertical furnace patent, US-6940908-B1: Compressing video frames patent, US-7002136-B2: Collimator having a holder used to connect rod lens to capillary which holds optical fibers patent, US-7008762-B2: Electrical connector assembly having grounding function patent, US-7059912-B2: Electrical connector having vertically movable bases to enhance overall levelness of pins patent, US-7096128-B2: Process for the assessment of gravity-type collection networks patent, US-7110286-B2: Phase-change memory device and method of writing a phase-change memory device patent, US-7268709-B2: Method for generating codeword using repetition patent, US-7341253-B2: Game played using a board and forming words patent, US-7393196-B2: Vertical injection molding machine patent, US-7460221-B2: Method and system for detecting defects patent, US-7476832-B2: Seasonally adjustable mounting system for solar panels having dual motor assembly patent, US-7518410-B2: Duplexer patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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